Jeshuaists (or Yeshuaists) are followers of the Nazarene rebbe Jeshua who presented himself as a sent one from the Adonai Most High Elohim, Hashem Jehovah.

In the Jeshuaist community are welcomed all those who have full belief in the Only One Bore or Creator Deity  יהוה Jehovah, the God above all gods and who see in the navi or prophet Jeshua the declarer of God and the way to God. We are convinced that the Hashem calls all people to come to Him and that Jeshua made it possible to have the relationship with God restored. The navi Jeshua, born in Bethlehem and brought up by his wordly parents in Nazareth, we consider to be the Kristos or Christ, the Moshiach or anointed One from God, the long awaited Messiah.

Being part of the Mine Bechir or Chosen ones or chosen people several goyim or non-Jews joined our community of religious brothers and sisters who feel they are part of the Body of Christ.

Under the habrit hachadasha or new covenant of ben haElyon, the son of the Most High, we look forward to the return of the master teacher, to open the bab ilu or Gate of God to the entrance of the Kingdom of God and to allow us to live in a restored new world were there shall be peace and love for ever.
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