'Haredi' group urges Facebook to offer 'Shomer Shabbos' option
Jeshuaist or Follower of Jeshua
Often there is a discussion if believers can use the computer and internet on Sabbath.

A group of haredi social media users are calling on social media giants Facebook and Instagram to offer Sabbath-observant users a ‘Shomer Shabbos’ option for their accounts, according to a report by Israel Hayom Monday morning.

The majority of haredim avoid social media, but a growing number do use the two social media outlets, which, unlike some other platforms, give users little control over the timing of responses and content added to their profile walls, leading to situations in which other users react or respond to Orthodox users’ posts on their walls even on the Sabbath.

David Galperin, chairman and founder of the Gil Group, which is involved in marketing to the religious sector, reached out to the General Manager of Facebook’s Israel branch, Adi Soffer-Teeni, urging the company to give users the ability to limit their profile accessibility on the Sabbath.