What Jeshuaists believe image
Jeshuaists, by some also called Messianic Jews, like the other Jews, or Jehudiem, believe in one LORD, i.e. only One Eternal Most High Supreme Omniscient and Omnipotent Unseen Spirit Being Who is God above all gods.

Our belief in that God, Who is one God of gods, makes us to be real monotheists, whilst there are Christians who say they are monotheist, but worship a Trinity or three-headed god and in reality would be polytheists.

For Jeshuaists there is only One True God above all, plus His son the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit, who are three separate entities (units or personalities), i.e. not the trinity like in the major Christian churches.

Jeshuaists are "monotheists" who accept Jeshua or Jesus Christ as the Messiah, though the majority of the other Jews do not accept Jesus as the Messiah.

We believe in God's Kingdom on earth, with His Son the Lord Jesus to reign as king of that kingdom when God sends him to return to earth.

We don't believe in heaven going for this reason, and also do not believe there is a specific torture creature or devil, but that we are tempted of our own lusts and nature.