No groupsgathering for 14 Nisan
Jeshuaist or Follower of Jeshua
Additional measures were decided during the National Security Council, extended with the Prime Ministers of Tuesday, March 17. On the one hand, these measures are based on the evolution of the spread of Covid-19 in Belgium.
On the other hand, they arise from the new conclusions and recommendations of CELEVAL (Evaluation Cell) that were formulated on 22 and 23 March.

Citizens are obliged to stay at home to avoid contact outside their family as much as possible:

  • Except to go to work
  • Except for essential trips (to the doctor,
  • food stores, post office, bank, pharmacy, to refuel or to help those in need)
  • Outdoor exercise is allowed and even recommended. This can be done with family members living under the same roof and with a friend. Trips with family members living under the same roof are allowed.
  • It is important to keep a reasonable distance.
  • No gatherings are allowed.
This also means that religious gatherings such as religious services cannot. As a result, the annual main group event for Nisan 14 cannot take place and everyone will have to celebrate Passover at home in a limited circle.


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