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Jeshuaists (or Yeshuaists) are followers of the Nazarene rebbe Jeshua who presented himself as a sent one from the Adonai Most High Elohim, Hashem Jehovah.

In the Jeshuaist community are welcomed all those who have full belief in the Only One Bore or Creator Deity  יהוה Jehovah, the God above all gods and who see in the navi or prophet Jeshua the declarer of God and the way to God. We are convinced that the Hashem calls all people to come to Him and that Jeshua made it possible to have the relationship with God restored. The navi Jeshua, born in Bethlehem and brought up by his wordly parents in Nazareth, we consider to be the Kristos or Christ, the Moshiach or anointed One from God, the long awaited Messiah.

Being part of the Mine Bechir or Chosen ones or chosen people several goyim or non-Jews joined our community of religious brothers and sisters who feel they are part of the Body of Christ.

Under the habrit hachadasha or new covenant of ben haElyon, the son of the Most High, we look forward to the return of the master teacher, to open the bab ilu or Gate of God to the entrance of the Kingdom of God and to allow us to live in a restored new world were there shall be peace and love for ever.

What Jeshuaists believe

What Jeshuaists believe
Jeshuaists, by some also called Messianic Jews, like the other Jews, or Jehudiem, believe in one LORD, i.e. only One Eternal Most High Supreme Omniscient and Omnipotent Unseen Spirit Being Who is God above all gods.

Our belief in that God, Who is one God of gods, makes us to be real monotheists, whilst there are Christians who say they are monotheist, but worship a Trinity or three-headed god and in reality would be polytheists.

For Jeshuaists there is only One True God above all, plus His son the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit, who are three separate entities (units or personalities), i.e. not the trinity like in the major Christian churches.

Jeshuaists are "monotheists" who accept Jeshua or Jesus Christ as the Messiah, though the majority of the other Jews do not accept Jesus as the Messiah.

We believe in God's Kingdom on earth, with His Son the Lord Jesus to reign as king of that kingdom when God sends him to return to earth.

We don't believe in heaven going for this reason, and also do not believe there is a specific torture creature or devil, but that we are tempted of our own lusts and nature.

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In God We Trust

In God We Trust
We believe the world came into existence by the batKol or Voice of an UnseenSupremeSpirit Being. Lots of people do not want to believe in His existence nor does want to believe that this God above all gods has the intention to have His Plan fulfilled.

The Adonai, ElohimHashemJehovah, gave His dvar (or word) for man to listen to it and to follow it up. Many of His Words became written down by men of God, so that we could have a guidefor life. Man should come to know that he better follows that Guidebook and listens to the Words of that Most HighGod.

All-throughout the scrolls we are reminded Who makes everything possible for man and Whom we should trust. Like King David was not afraid of the Most High and trusted Him we too should keep our vows by offering songs of thanksgiving to Him (Tehillim or Psalm 4:1-8 + 11:1-7 + 56:11-13)
The importance of trust cannot be underestimated. It is written in several places that we should trust in Jehovah with all our heart; and that we should lean not unto our own understanding but should try to get understanding and wisdom from His Dvar.

Proverbs 3:1-12 OJB Beni (my son), forget not my torah; but let thine lev keep my mitzvot; (2) For orekh yamim (length of days), and shnot chayyim, and shalom, shall they add to thee. (3) Let not chesed and emes forsake thee; bind them about thy neck; write them upon the luach (tablet) of thine lev; (4) So shalt thou find chen and seichel tov in the eyes of Elohim and adam. (5) Trust in Hashem with all thine lev, and lean not unto thine own binah (understanding). (6) In all thy drakhim acknowledge Him, and He shall make yosher thy orkhot (paths). (7) Be not chacham in thine own eyes; fear Hashem, and depart from rah. (8) It shall be rife'ut (health) to thy navel, and marrow to thy atzmot. (9) Honor Hashem with thy substance, and with the reshit (firstfruit) of all thine increase; (10) So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy vats shall burst out with tirosh. (11) Beni (my son), despise not the musar Hashem; neither be weary of His tokhakhah (reproof); (12) For whom Hashem loveth, He correcteth; even as an av the ben in whom he delighteth.

The majority of people trust in themselves and in the possibilities of mankind.

Proverbs 28:26 OJB He that trusteth in his own lev is a kesil (fool), but he who walketh in chochmah, he shall be delivered.

We should walk in chochmah and try also others to walk wisely adhering to the mitzvot which keep us on the right track. We also should show others how there have been many in the past who have put their trust unto God. We also should try to get the same trust and faith as His only begottenbelovedben haElohim (son of God)Jeshua, who should be our example to follow and to build up our life.

Jeshua (Yeshua/Yahushua) has shown us that his heavenly Father, Jehovah God,  is trustworthy and so is His word! It is not because man turned himself away from God by rebelling against Him that we as individuals would not have any chance any more to come close to Him.
We as weak being can use the strength God is willing to give to those who want to come close to Him. Jehovah is an everlasting rock on which we can stand firm in all sorts of storms.

Isaiah 26:4 OJB Trust ye in Hashem forever; for in G-d Hashem is Tzur Olamin;

Jeshuaists puts their desire with their soul in every part of the day, believing God has a Plan for mankind and that all His promises shall come true. Therefore we do have to search for the Truth and for that Most Qodesh or Set-ApartUnseenOmnipotent SupremeSpirit Being. With our spirit within us we will have to seek Him earnestly. For when His judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness. (Yeshayahu - Isaiah 26:9)

We have all good reason ot put our trust and hope on Jehovah. When we look at the previous centuries we can see how all His promises, being prophesied by several of His  navi have become true. Knowing that there are still a few prophecies which have to be fulfilled we better prepare ourselves for when they would become a reality. Therefore let us trust in the everlasting strength of Jehovah, putting our hope on Him.

Psalms 71:5 OJB For Thou art my tikveh (hope), Adonoi Hashem; Thou art my trust from my youth.

Jehovah is the only One Who can deliver us from evil and death and can give us richly all things we really need to enjoy.

1 Timothy 6:17 OJB Charge the oishirim in the Olam Hazeh not to walk in gaa'vah (pride) and highmindedness, neither to put their tikvah (hope) in the uncertainty of their osher but in Hashem who richly grants us all things for enjoyment.

Psalms 9:7-12 OJB (8) But Hashem shall reign l'olam; He hath established His kisse (throne) for mishpat. (8) (9) And He shall judge the tevel (world) in tzedek, He shall govern the nations with justice. (9) (10) Hashem also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of tzoros. (10) (11) And they that know Shemecha will put their trust in Thee; for Thou, Hashem, hast not forsaken them that seek Thee. (11) (12) Sing praises to Hashem, enthroned in Tziyon; declare among the nations His deeds. (12) (13) When He avenges [shefach] dahm, He remembereth them; He forgetteth not the cry of the aniyim (humble, afflicted, the helpless ones).

That Name of the Most Holy One we should make known or proclaim all over the world.

We do know lots of people do not like lovers of God and hate Jews and people who worship Jehovah as their Only One God. though we should trust God with the knowledge that man can never do much more than God. Man can perhaps come to kill us in this worldsystem, but the Elohim has something much nicer in petto for us when we trust Him.

2 Corinthians 1:9 OJB  But we ourselves have had the gezar din (verdict) of mishpat mavet (a death sentence) in ourselves so that we should not have emunah (faith) in ourselves but in Hashem, Mechayyei Mesim (Who Revivest the Dead). [Shemoneh Esreh, YIRMEYAH 17:5,7]

Psalms 32:10 OJB  Many sorrows shall be to the resha'im, but he that trusteth in Hashem, chesed shall envelop and cover him.

Psalms 37:40 OJB  And Hashem helps them, and delivers them; He shall deliver them from the resha'im, and save them, because they take refuge in Him.

Psalms 37:1-17 OJB  

Of Dovid

Fret not thyself because of re'im (evildoers); neither have thou kina (jealousy, envy) of the workers of iniquity. (2) For they shall soon be cut down like the khatzir (grass), and wither as the green desheh (herb, plant). (3) Trust in Hashem, and do tov; so shalt thou dwell in the Eretz (land), ure'eh emunah (and thou be pastured securely). (4) Delight thyself also in Hashem, and He shall give thee the desires of thine lev. (5) Commit thy derech (road, way) unto Hashem; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass. (6) And He shall bring forth thy tzedakah (righteousness) as the ohr (light), and thy mishpat (justice) as the tzohorayim (noonday). (7) Rest in Hashem, and wait patiently for Him; fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his derech, because of the ish who bringeth wicked schemes to pass. (8) Cease from anger, and forsake chemah (wrath); fret not thyself in any wise to do rah. (9) For evildoers shall be cut off; but those that wait upon Hashem, they shall inherit the Eretz (land). (10) For yet a little while, and the rasha shall not be; yes, thou shalt watch his place, and he will not be. (11) But the anavim (meek ones) shall inherit Eretz; and shall delight themselves in rov shalom (great peace; see Psa 119:165). (12) The rasha plotteth against the tzaddik, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth. (13) Adonoi shall laugh at him, for He seeth that his yom is coming. (14) The resha'im have drawn out the cherev, and have bent their keshet, to cast down the oni (poor) and evyon (needy), and to slay such as be yishrei derech (upright ones on the road, that walk uprightly). (15) Their cherev shall enter into their own lev, and their keshatot (bows) shall be broken. (16) A little that a tzaddik hath is better than the riches of resha'im rabbim. (17) For the zero'ot (arms, powers) of the resha'im shall be broken; but Hashem upholdeth the tzaddikim.


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A look at a 19th century Jewish poem and the national anthem of Israel, concering the hope in our hearts. “Our hope is not yet lost”

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In this world we may find lots of people who call themselves Christian but are not following the teachings of Jesus nor do they have the same God as Jesus. We should listen to the warnings given in the Holy Scriptures concerning false teachings and false prophets.

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All lovers of God and lovers of Jeshua should know that preaching shall have to increase and that there is written that this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world to Jews and non-Jews, for a witness unto all nations, and then shall the end come.

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Early Christianity would not have been possible without the Jews. But we should not think the movement to draw people to come to accept the Jewish Nazarene rebbe as their saviour and as the way to God, is finished. The opposite is true, today we need even more preaching and believers in Jeshua calling others to convert to the emunah in Jeshua.

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People have to know the Kitvei Hakodesh or sacred writings because these are able to make them wise for salvation through faith in Messiah Jeshua. All scripture has been inspired by Jehovah to be profitable for doctrine, for conviction, for correction, and for training in righteousness. This is so that the man of the elohim Hashem Jehovah God may be competent, equipped for every good work and shall be able to use that blessed Word for witnessing in the Name of Jehovah God.

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When the Nazarene rebbe Jeshua preached he assured people of the vital importance of reading and following Kitvei Hakodesh

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Throughout the ages Jews have been victim of anti-Semitism. After the Shoah offspring of Holocaust victims were lost in the fog of religious groups in which they or their parents were brought up. they had learned about Christ Jesus and had come to see that Jeshua is the Messiah. Several Messianic groups came to be formed by people who found there had to be a return to the Jewish roots for their religious life.

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A short look at the evolution of a Jewish movement until a separate religious group.

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People may not forget to see the big difference between Christianity with it believers in Jesus and his heavenly Father as One God and Christendom with believers in the Trinity dogma. Real Messianic Jews are people of Jewish heritage who maintain their Jewish identity and acknowledge Jeshua as the Messiah, believing he is the son of God and not a god son.

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It is totally wrong to think all Messianic groups would belong to protestant evangelical communities who worship a Trinity. Real Messianic Jews are those who have not given up their Jewishness and who keep worshipping only One True God.

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When hearing about Messiancs one should be very attentive checking if it are real Messianic Jews, adhering to only One True God or people who belief in a tri-une god. Jeshuaists worship only the One and Only One True God of Israel and keep aloof from trinitarians.

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This is one of the places we can use to add FAQ answers on our website.

At this website you can then, if you feel it necessary, after questioning and looking for answers, respond, so that we can also find out what our visitors would like to know and what their interest is.

So do not hesitate to react to the blog articles or to question us, so that we get to know what is on your mind or what would be the most asked questions.
Do not leave these questions unanswered, but dare to ask them.

There is a contact page where you can pose your comments and questions on the blog articles.

By the way, we hope that enough readers will find fascinating reading material, but will also dare to ask questions about the written material.

We are happy to answer your questions here.
The purpose of this website is to make known Jeshuaism, Jeshua or Yeshua faith or Messianic faith.

We would like to see that people understand that not all Messianic groups believe in the same Messiah, and that there is also a clear difference in faith in Jesus Christ.

We also wish to make clear that pollution has occurred in people's faith through the ages. Many false teachings have entered. As a result, many frictions have also arisen between the many faith groups or religious communities. So many "churches" have arisen and a lot of clouding has come among the people their knowledge of God and commandments.

Here we also want to point out that it is not specifically about church institutions or church communities, but about true faith that people should receive.

By explaining what the Bible says about gods, God, Godly, religious and spiritual experience and way of life, we want to show our visitors that it really matters and that it is really important in our life and the lives of others.

We also want to show how important it is to keep to certain values and to adopt a certain form of (carefree) life. Namely by submitting the "how and why of life" here, we hope that there will be more clarity about why things are going so far for the moment.

By realizing why things are going on today, a lot of tension and fear can be taken away and an insured hope can be given to a much better life than the current one.
By gaining biblical insight into this world of many difficulties and with many inconveniences, and to realize what is actually the source of all that evil, we can better arming ourselves figuratively for the future. Knowledge has come of good and evil, which can be used for good or bad.

Here we want you to see that the Bible or Holy Scriptures (the Pre Messianic or Old and Netzarim Writings or New Testament) as beacon and purifying water, is the best Book of books to give you a complete insight. It is not for nothing that this collection of books may be called the Bestseller of all times.

We hope that we can convince you that there are many misconceptions about the person Jesus and that it is necessary to know his right personality and mission of this man of flesh and blood.

In this way we hope that we can create a clear picture of who Jesus Christ really was and is, and why the right knowledge of that person and of his heavenly Father are so important.
Jeshuaism is not really about a company and even concerns a product that is very hard to sell in these days.

However, what we want to offer is something very important. We even hope that you will also see that importance and will be willing to share the Word of God and to share our message with many others in the world.

That proclaiming or revealing, witnessing the faith in Jeshua (Yeshua) and his God, must ultimately become an important fact in the life of the true (Bible-believing) believer.
Jeshuaism is sometimes called the fifth or sixth house in Christianity.

Jeshuaism must be regarded as a part of Christendom, alongside Christianity, Judaism (Jahadut) and Islam.
Jeshuaists, in the Netherlands also called Jeshuanen / Jeshuaansen or Jesjoeaansen, follow the former Nazarene Jewish master teacher Jeshua (also called Yeshua ben Yoseph, Yahushua or Jesus Christ or Jesus the Lord).

Jeshuaism may belong to the Messianic Jewish community. But as a Messianic Jewish Christian movement, it is also open to goyim or non-Jews and gentiles or people from all nations. However, it should not be confused with certain Messianic groups who worship a Trinity, while true believers and true Christian followers of Jeshua (or Yeshua) worship the God of Christ and His disciples, an Only True Creator God above all gods and above all, Who is not a three-headed god or Trinity but Who is the God of Hosts and God of gods Who is only one God.

Not all Messianics believe in the same Messiah or in the same Christ or anointed One.

Jeshuaists belong to Jeshuaism and Messianism where the faithful recognize and accept Jeshua or Jesus Christ as the Messiah and worship the same Only True God as Jeshua (Yeshua / Yahushua) and his disciples.

There are Messianic Jews who have a different Messiah or Meshiach than Jesus Christ or Jeshua, as well as Messianics who worship a three-godhead instead of a Only True God.
Christianity and Christendom have many types of Christians. These all profess their faith in a different way. Many people call themselves "Christian" but do not keep the same faith as Jesus Christ. He believed in only one God, Who is One, while the majority who call themselves "Christians" believe in a God the Father, god the son and a God the Holy Spirit. That belief in the Holy Trinity, a three-headed god or tri-une god, is seen by Jeshuaists as a false belief bound to false human doctrines.

Those who belong to Jeshuaism believe that Jesus is the one sent from God and the son of God, who was authorized by the Most High Elohim to speak and act in God's name. They are convinced that the Saviour Christ Jesus or Jeshua (Yeshua / Yahushua) is the Way to God. This while the majority of Christians believe that Jesus would be God.
Jeshuaists do believe that Jesus is Jeshua the Ben HaElohim or the son of God. Jeshuaists accept that Jesus is a son of man who was authorised by the Elohim Hashem Jehovah, the Only One True God, to speak and act in His Name.

In Jeshuaism the faithful believers accept Jesus as their saviour and look forward to his return.
Jeshuaists are faithful believers in the Nazarene rebbe Jeshua whom they take as the cornerstone of their association.

They do not as such use the word "church" but speak about their "ecclesia" which presents the gathering of faithful followers of the Jewish Nazarene rebbe Jeshua (Jesus Christ) who did not come to create a new religion, but to declare his heavenly Father.
The Jewish Jeshuaists therefore consider themselves as a continuation of the Jewish movement "The Way" and still speak about their temple or synagogue where they keep their services or hold ecclesia.
Jeshuaists take Jeshua or Jesus as their leader. They believe Jeshua opened the way so that we can call ourselves "children of God". Jeshua or Jesus being the son of God is considered a brother by  all of those who step into his name and call themselves Jeshuaist.

Being under Christ we unite as brethren and sisters in Christ.

In Jeshuaism there are Jeshuaists who are Jews who came to accept Jeshua (Jesus) as their saviour. In opposition to the goyim or non-Jewish Brethren and sisters in Christ they keep their Jewishness whilst not all Brothers and sisters in Christ are Jewish. The majority of Brothers in Christ or Christadelphians is even non-Jewish.

First of all is a brother in Christ some one who considers having kinship with Christ Jesus or Jeshua the Kristos as a child of God.

Secondly a Brother in Christ is some one who lives in the footsteps of Jeshua (Jesus Christ), doing what Jeshua the Christ (Christ Jesus) would do and what Jeshua (Jesus) would require his followers to do.
Christadelphians are a relatively small religious body, with congregations located in over 120 countries throughout the world, with large groups of Christadelphians in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, North America, India, Asia and Africa. In other countries and continents there are many growing communities of believers, and it is an exciting time to witness the call of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in the lives of men and women in the 21st Century.

Jeshuaists and Christadelphians have no hierarchical leadership. The christadelphians are a lay community, and each congregation is also called an "ecclesia" (the Greek New Testament word for church).

We have no paid clergy or hierarchy, but all members contribute of their time, resources, energy and enthusiasm voluntarily in service to God. A strong common belief and baptism binds our brotherhood together worldwide as a single fellowship of believers.
The Brothers in Christ we are talking about here, have nothing to do with the Roman Catholic Brothers in Christ or Brothers of Christ or Brothers of love.

The Christadelphians unite as brothers and sisters in Christ, with the knowledge that each individual is personally responsible for his or her own acts. As such there is no overruling constituion, though only bibblical rules or commandments are followed. All other matters and way of conduct is left up to the individual conscience.

Every Christadelphian and every Jeshuaist has confessed his belief before being baptised as a believing adult. From mthe baptism onwards he or she tries to live accordance the teachings of Jeshua (Jesus Christ).

Jeshua as a Jew came together with his close disciples to remember the exodus of Egypt. At the night, on Nisan 14, he had his Last Supper where he told about his function and death and inaugurated the New Covenant.

Yearly, Jeshuaists and several Christadelphians (or Brothers in Christ) celebrate that important day as the most important day of the year. Though not all Christadlphians remember Nisan 14, all remember regularly that what happened on that day.

Because Jeshua asked his followers to break the bread and drink the wine as a sing of the New Covenant and to do that in remembrance of him, all Jeshuaists and Christadelphians as brethren and sisters in Christ share those symbols (on a regular base) as a sign of Jeshua having given his body for our sins and as a sign for accepting him as our saviour.
Accepting the Bible as our only guide and believing it to be the wholly inspired word of God, Jeshuaists or Brethren in Christ (Christadelphians) respect the creation and consider all people equal.

As children of God we should love all His creation and creatures and as such should not go against people who have not the same beliefs or even would be our enemies.

Jeshuaists and Christadelphians (or Brothers and sisters in Christ) believe the corruption of civil and ecclesi­astical affairs has advanced beyond all human power of redress, and can be dealt properly with only by the judgments of God. Hence the fact that Christadelphians, though strictly law abiding, often do not feel called upon to engage in efforts for social or political amelioration, and refuse to bear arms.

Because fighting is not permitted by God's Law, when not instructed by Jehovah God Himself, the Jews of the Jeshuaist community prefer not to go to live in Israel, taking care that their children nor they would not be forced by the Israeli governement to fight against others.

Even though there may be a Zionist call to live in the Promised Land, the preservation of the agape love is more important and Jeshuaists know that it will not be long before the last Great battle of Armageddon will break out and then the Great Peace will come where everyone will be united under Christ and will be able to share the Kingdom of Christ and the Kingdom of God.

Voor Nederlandstalige lezers

Van harte welkom op deze Engelstalige bladzijden. Maar weet u ook dat er van onzentwege een Nederlandstalige bladzijde wordt gepubliceerd en dat er op het net eveneens nog andere Nederlandstalige websites te vinden zijn van mensen die behoren tot de Jeshuaanse of Jesjoeaanse gemeenschap.

Een Jeshuaist of Jesjoeaan is iemand die zich onderwerpt aan de leer van de Nazareense Joodse rebbe Jeshua en dezelfde God aanbidt als deze van de rebbe Jeshua (Jesjoea) en zijn leerlingen.

In het Nederlandstalig gebied is Jeshua beter gekend onder zijn vervalste naam, namelijk onder de naam Jezus Christus. Deze grote leermeester wenste dat iedereen zijn hemelse Vader zou komen te kennen en komen te aanbidden. Jeshuaisten als ware volgers van Jeshua of als ware volgers van Christus Jezus, en navolgers van zijn apostelen, wensen de ware Christus kenbaar te maken en de Enige Ware God aan zo veel mogelijk mensen kenbaar te  maken. Hiertoe verrichten zij predikingswerk en stellen zij enkele publicaties ter beschikking, op het net zo wel als op papier.

Mogen wij a daarom vriendelijk uitnodigen om ook onze Nederlandstalige website "Jeshuaisme" te komen bezoeken. daar kan u meerdere Nederlandstalige artikelen vinden alsook een blog waar u terecht kan met al uw vragen.
Voor Nederlandstalige lezers

Pour les lecteurs francophones

Pour les lecteurs francophones
Jeshuaisme  - Judaïsme messianique


Soyez le bienvenu sur ces pages qui représentent le Jéshuaïsme ou le Judaïsme messianique.

Le Jéshuaïsme concerne les véritables adeptes de l'instructeur ou rebbe Nazaréen Jeshua, ou Yeshua ben Yoseph, qui est mieux connu dans notre société moderne sous le nom de Jésus-Christ.

Que des Juifs puissent croire en Jeshua (Yeshoua/Jésus) semble paradoxal. En effet, pour certains, Juif et Jeshua ou Jésus sont deux contraires qui s’excluent mutuellement. Pourtant, à en croire la Bible, il n’y aurait pas de contradiction réelle entre « Juif » et « Jeshua ou Jésus » .
Le mot Juif vient de Yéhouda (Juda), du nom de la quatrième tribu d’Israël, qui en hébreu signifie « celui qui loue Dieu ». Donc un Juif, essentiellement, c’est quelqu’un qui adore Dieu.
Néanmoins, la plupart des gens croient que les Juifs sont ce qu’ils sont en raison de leur appartenance religieuse, ou d’un droit que leur confère leur naissance.

Le Jeshuaisme est un mouvement fondé sur la Bible. Le judaïsme messianique de Jeshuaisme rassemble des Juifs et des non-Juifs qui croient en Jeshua (Yéshoua ou Jésus) comme à leur Mashiah (Messie).
En cela, ils servent seulement un Dieu Eternelle, le Dieu d’Abraham, d’Isaac et de Jacob, Qui est seulement Un Dieu et pas une Trinité, tout en restant fidèles aux coutumes et aux traditions de la nation juive.

Jeshua est considéré comme celui qui a été envoyé par Dieu pour rétablir le lien qui lie les gens à Dieu, leur Créateur, afin que l'esprit de Dieu puisse rester non seulement avec eux, mais en eux.

Jeshua ou Yeshoua a scellé une Nouvelle Alliance par son sacrifice, lequel permet de réconcilier la nation juive comme les nations païennes avec leur Créateur.
Ce que Jeshua (Yeshoua ou Jésus) a accompli – le rachat de nos péchés -, nul n’eût pu l’accomplir, sinon Dieu son père céleste .
La justice de Dieu a trouvé sa pleine satisfaction en Jeshua (Yeshoua).

Jeshuaists ce sont des Juifs qui réalisent pleinement cette union avec leur Créateur, telle que Dieu l’avait désirée quand il avait choisi Abraham.
Et du fait qu’ils sont Juifs de par la nationalité, ceux-ci peuvent, comme les chrétiens, recevoir les enseignements de Jeshua (Yeshoua), tout en demeurant des Juifs à part entière.


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