09 Apr

It can be labelled as strange if people don't ask questions. There is so much to worry about or to doubt.

Around us we may have older people as well as young people who may or may not want to move in the religious community or want to get out of it sooner. The young are the future. If they don't ask questions, it's time for us to worry. We must pay them attention.

In the order of the Haggadah, the rebellious child who questions everything sits before the child who has nothing to ask.

Because if the rebellious child questions, it is because it touches him, it says something to him. Perhaps it even bothers him.

But a perfectly capable human being who has no questions about Torah and G‑d—he is stuck in his place.

Perhaps he is a good, observant Jew who does good deeds and never sins. But there is no sense of the spirit, of the meaning of life, of transcendence.

He, too, must leave Egypt, and know of something higher.

Second Seder, 1965

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