17 Jan

In the first place a Jeshuaist is a lover of God who wants to put his own will subordinate to the Will of the Most High Adonai, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah, like the Nazarene rebbe Jeshua also did.

Secondly a Jeshuaist is someone who sincerely wants to follow the teachings of the Nazarene rebbe Jeshua (today by many better known as Jesus Christ) and to worship the same God who was worshipped by Jeshua and his talmidim and close followers.

Thirdly a Jeshuaist is some one who want to become under Jeshua, being part of his worldwide structure, which we call the Body of Christ. As partaker of that Body of Christ we want to share the same agapè love Jeshua shared with others.

Fourthly Jeshuaists want to follow the instructions Jeshua and his heavenly Father (God) gave his talmidim, disciples and followers.

Many of the Jeshuaist community may consider themselves being shomer over the Derech Hashem, to do tzedakah and mishpat (keeping the way of Jehovah, to do righteousness and justice), as part of the old Hebrew tribes or Chosen People of God, or "Israel" as Yehuḏim being of the Zera of Avraham (Abrahamic Seed)

Genesis 18:19 OJB  For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall be shomer over the Derech Hashem, to do tzedakah and mishpat; that Hashem may bring upon Avraham that which He hath spoken [promised] of him.

Deuteronomy 7:6 OJB  For thou art an Am Kodesh unto Hashem Eloheicha; Hashem Eloheicha hath chosen thee to be an Am Segullah (Treasured People) unto Himself, above all people that are upon the face of ha'adamah.

But not all Jeshuaists do have to be from Jewish background. Like Jeshua was open to have all sorts of people around him, Jeshuaists as followers of Jeshua (Jesus Christ) are also open to all who want to be receiving the Ohr HaChayyim (light of life) Jeshua is offering to the world. As such in our society or religious/church community, we welcome all the heathen and goyim to come to the emunah (belief or faith) in the Ben HaElohim (son of God). That emunah in the Ben HaElohim is the most important matter giving us the tikvah (hope) in a restored Israel.

Jeshuaist, in some parts of the world, may also be known as Jews for Jesus (J4J) but do not belong to the trinitarian Christian groups who promote Jesus as god. For Jeshuaists it is clear that according to the Scriptures Jeshua or Jesus Christ is the sent one from God, who is a son of man and the son of God and not a god son. Jeshuaist do believe the words notated in the scrolls, where the Elohim declares Jeshua to be His only begotten beloved son.

Luke 3:22 OJB  And the Ruach Hakodesh descended in demut gashmit as a yonah upon Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach; and then came a bat kol out of Shomayim, saying, ATAH BNI AHUVI ASHER BCHA CHAFATSTI

Jewish Jeshuaists may call themselves also Messianic Jew, which indicates it are Jews who believe the Messiah has already come once and is going to return soon. all Jeshuaists look forward in tikav for this return which shall bring the promise of God for His Kingdom to full glory. As Lovers of God they do believe the Most High Elohim has given us mitzvot or commandments to follow up, so that we can keep our life in line with the Ratzon HaElohim or Will of God. Doing the Will of God being one of the priorities of a Jeshuaist. This entails worshipping Only One True God, the Jehovah God of Israel who is the God above all gods. It also means a Jeshuaist shall not partake in heathen or pagan rites or celebrate heathen festivals,  like certain so called Christian holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Easter) and heathen or human traditions. Jeshuaists make sure they shall not partake heathen worship.

Man has created religion to help him find meaning in their life. With the religion of Jeshuaism people may find a way to come to a pure service for Jehovah God, not infiltrated by pagan or heathen elements. Coming together as brothers and sisters in Christ, Jeshuaists try to find Biblical Truth, by studying the Dvar Hashem and the Dvar HaMoshiach in the Book of books, the Bible, which they consider the inspired and infallible Word of God. It is from that Word of God that Jeshuaist try to build up their knowledge about our being in creation and the Plan of God.

Jeshuaists believe that the Messiah restored the relationship with God and as such Jeshuaists believe every individual is able to come to God is he or she is prepared to come closer to God. Looking at all different religions Jeshuaists believe they may belong to the covenant relationship with God, and may be partakers in the tikva of Christ. Though therefore each individual, Jeshuaists believe, has to make himself or herself clean in the eyes of God and have to find their own way to religious truth, being aware of the Eternal Most High Almighty Elohim in their own chayyim (life), learning from the chochmot or wisdom of the past as expressed in a variety of religious writings, and comparing their experiences with others in their gathering or meeting, kehillah or congregation or ecclesia.

Because of the request made by Jeshua to gather regularly and to share meals and breaking the bread, Jeshuaists come together regularly remembering the Last Supper Jeshua had with his friends before he became impaled.

Jeshuaists find it important to remember what Jeshua did for enosh (or humankind), putting his own will aside to do the Will of God, like we too have to submit our will to God. Remembering his death Jeshuaists also remember that Jeshua was taken out of the dead, after having spend three days in sheol (hell or grave). Jeshuaists believe that after some time Jeshua had resided with his followers, he was taken up into the heavens to be with the Elohim, sitting at His right Hand, to be a kohen gadol or high-priest before God and to be a mediator between God and man.

Having a mediator for us in heaven we may rely on that man of flesh and blood, who gave his life as a sacrificial ransom offering, bringing the grace of salvation to all people, but each individual has to accept that salvation and live according it.

As a follower of Jeshua a Jeshuaist is not only aware of the position of Jeshua the Kristos or Christ (the anointed). Jeshuaists find it important to live according to Jeshua's teachings and to follow up the task Jeshua has given to his followers, namely to proclaim Jehovah's Name and the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God. Therefore Jeshuaists preach the Gospel and to witness for Jehovah, as well as for Jeshua, showing to others that Jeshua or Jesus is the way to God.

Witnessing for Jehovah Jeshuaists do hope they shall be able to bring more people to the Only One God  and shall have them sharing a brotherhood in Christ, loving God and loving Christ, but also loving all people around, not willing to discriminate or to fight against other people.Following the teachings of Jeshua, Jeshuaists rule out war and violence as a way of solving problems.

Jeshuaist find that they should follow the example of Jeshua (Jesus Christ) and therefore would like to be peace bringers all over the world.

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