21 Dec

We must agree, lots of us are very much afraid to show the outside world what we believe.

We should not be afraid to show the world that we are lovers of El'Eylon Elohim.

These days we may see the craziness around Christmas and even find Muslims putting up Christmas trees in their home. Many kids of our community may have the impression they are the only "weirdos" in town without a Christmas tree. Many of them do feel very much isolated. They do know that they also have warm moments in the house of their parents as well as in the houses of fellow brethren and sisters.

2019, December 22, brings us again there to gather with our family members and with our community of believers. Many look forwards to those eight crazy nights the Hanukkah Festival of Lights may bring us.

We would love to see more menorahs in the windows of Belgian houses. It is not just in Antwerp that people should come to see that there are also Jews living. The Jewish people reside also in other places than the Jewish quarter of Antwerp. It would be much better that Belgians and other inhabitants of Belgium would come to see that there are also Jews living in their neighbourhood. Perhaps they would be surprised finding not only Catholics living in their residential area.

Many of us afraid to let others know what we do stand for, what we believe and wherefore we go and stand, we should trust God more and be not so much afraid. We should dare to come out of our little cocoons and come to meet others of our own faith but also interchange ideas with people of other faiths.  When daring to let others know who we really are we shall perhaps be surprised to come to know others with the same faith in the Only One True Elohim Hashem Jehovah. Daring to show our faith to others, we probably shall come to meet like-minded people  and find joy with encountering other lovers of God.  Such an introduction shall pave the way to meet through groups, swapping mail and walking our dogs.

The surprising part is that around Christmas we can see several houses of Christian people where there are placed the little lamps in front of their windows. But every Hanukkah we don’t see many menorahs in the windows of the houses of Am Segullah or the Chosen People of God. They have even more reason to place those little lights as a sign of their connection with the Eternal Most High.  


Reflecting on it now, we realize we also never put a menorah in our window, because being afraid the curtains catching fire. At the table in front of the living room window the candles keep burning (when we are at home), so people can see the Menorah from afar. Perhaps we too should try to find beautiful (not such a tawdry) electric lights. It is perhaps too late to change that this year, but let us make sure that there shall be burning some electric candle next year!

Could this be perhaps also some good reasons for you to join us by putting a Menorah at the window:

a few reasons I’m going to put a menorah in my window this Hanukkah:

Pride. People beam with pride when they see that little light flickering in the window. Our menorah might make others feel they are not the only kid in town without a Christmas tree.

Inspiration. People might see our light and be inspired to do the same. Sometimes it takes just one menorah for others to feel comfortable putting a menorah in their window. Wouldn’t it be great if we see menorahs in windows like we see Christmas trees?

Acceptance. Jewish kids will point at it and say with pride, “Mommy, look, it’s a Hanukkah menorah!” They may not know who lives there, but they will feel connected to the community.

Mitzvot. The mitzvah of Hanukkah is showing the world by displaying flickering lights that you are proud to be Jewish and that you love your tradition.


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